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Jade's KIDS Foundation

"I believe in assisting youth in that hard transitional point that 99 percent of teens will go through before finding some sort of self identity. There has been nothing I have been so passionate about.  My life is dedicated to inspiring youth to choose creativity over the use of drugs, and ultimately evoke a movement of healthier life choices".

"I can’t move much in this world, and now I have been given the opportunity to move the world... But I can’t do it alone".
~ Jade Bell

We face an incredible epidemic of drug use today. Over 54% of students in grades 7 to 9 report drinking alcohol and 18% have used cannabis. For some young people, what begins as experimentation leads to greater abuse, addiction and even more devastating consequences.

Jade Bell is a powerful and effective “teacher” who uses his own tragic experience to inspire young people to avoid alcohol and drugs. His authentic, charismatic personality causes students to embrace to his message. He offers a truly unique and effective approach to prevention.

Jade Bell overdosed on a lethal injection of heroin, and cocaine, a fateful decision he made under the influence of alcohol. He recalls, “I suffered from 15 minutes of oxygen deprivation and, as a result, I slipped into a coma for a month. When I awoke I could no longer speak, walk, or see, leaving me totally dependent on 24-hour care.”

As a result, Jade Bell has a deep understanding of the ghastly effects that drugs have on our bodies and minds. Despite this, Jade’s life was transformed, “Out of the depth of my darkness grew a seed of light, of hope, of meaning. I have been given this life for a reason: to dedicate my life to educating youth and parents on the dangers of drug use!”

Jade Bell speaks and presents in a moving and honest way, captivating audiences in schools, theatres and prisons. Over 200,000 students and adults have been moved by his experiences. Jade’s presentations have a dramatic effect. The presence of a young man trapped in an immobilized and blind body, whose voice is that of a computer, is compelling to even the most hardened or troubled person. The damaging effects of drug use are all too evident to see. His high-impact anti-drug program changes even the most hardened youth. Many openly weep when they hear his tragic story and vow never to use drugs again.

Jade’s KIDS Foundation

The Jade’s KIDS Foundation (Kids Independent of Drugs) is dedicated to preventing substance abuse and drug addiction among children and youth by:

  • Educating children and youth about the dangers of substance abuse and drug addiction through presentations and workshops at schools and other venues
  • Raising awareness among parents and the interested public regarding risk factors associated with substance abuse and recommending appropriate interventions to assist in overcoming these problems.
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