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JADE'S POETRY IS AN INSPIRATION not only because of his perseverance and dedication in the face of such great odds but because he writes straight from the heart. Imprisoned in his SUIT OF HUMANITY he finds hope and the STRENGTH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT. He navigates through pain FISHING FOR ANSWERS IN THIS WIND and LIQUIDATES OUR SOULS with desire and passion BOUND BY WIRE EXPLOSIONS. Open these pages and dance with him in a WORLD FADED FAST.

~~ R. David Stephens
do you remember standing at the bottom
looking up and just wondering
if you were ever
going to make it over
the mountain
of hurricanes
waiting in pain
as a fountain
of tears you kept inside
to open scars and shooting stars
in a reflection
within your lost eyes
of battles and wars
you finally won
under the dank dizmo dark heart
of humanity I sank
in to this chair & drifted apart
somewhere out there her hair blows
out of the shadows like the rivers
of tranquility it flows a million miles
I feel an angels wings
wrap around my body
& lift me to the sound of strings
a soft melody of serenity
illuminating two silhouettes in the nights darkness
under the white moon light I see her smile
& we dance
& I say I have to thank
the lord for this chance
to embrace such beauty
her face that I now see
& this dance
this dance
I have a beautiful dream
But in time it darkens it seems
Through these blind eyes, the world is so surreal and hollow
And going through Hell to get to Heaven has been hard to swallow
I’ve bled a river out my eyes but I’m unable to drown, for it’s too shallow
So I write from my mind, body, soul and from the heart and the words just follow
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