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Harpooned Soul - The Jade Bell Story

Harpooned Soul - the Jade Bell story will be broadcast and made available through educational institutions after it has completed its festival release throughout the world in 2011.

Harpooned Soul - the Jade Bell story
Canada 2011 / 70min.
Director Dean Easterbrook.
Producers Kimberley Buchanan, Martyn Element, Qiujing Wong.
Original Soundtrack by Jade Bell

Harpooned Soul - the Jade Bell story is the tragic yet inspiring story of one man's quest to get his life back after overdosing from a 'speedball' injection of heroin and cocaine. Now mute, blind and disabled, Jade travels to schools and prisons sharing his gritty and powerful story with kids. In a relentless quest to save lives, Jade pulls together a remarkable group of famous and local Canadian musicians to produce a music album to promote creativity over drug use.

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