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The following testimonials describe the powerful impact of Jade’s presentations to young people and their parents about the terrible consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.
It is with considerable pleasure that I provide an endorsement for Jade Bell and his efforts to inform and educate students and parents throughout Canada on the dangers and consequences of substance abuse.

As an educator for over forty years I have had a front row seat to the tragic results of drug and alcohol abuse, and over these years have also participated in several efforts to bring this message to a variety of student populations. In that regard, I can say without hesitation that Jade’s presentation to students and parents, both from what I have personally witnessed and from feedback that I have received, is one that totally engages its audience with all the credibility that can come only from someone who must live the consequences of his actions.

His is a portrait of personal courage and determination but is not a “good news” story, and this is what sets his presentation apart from so many others. In that regard I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jade’s presentation to senior elementary and high school students.

Kevin Drysdale
Director of Education (Retired)
Western Quebec School Board
I had the opportunity to have Jade Bell speak to my grade 9 students in an assembly this spring. We have in the past hosted several speakers who addressed the issue of drug abuse and its terrible implications, but I have to say that few have had the impact that Mr. Bell did.

His frank and open explanation of the consequences of his actions was poignant, and students came away with a sense of the tragedy and loss that such choices can create.

Mr. Bell's presentation was very compelling. He used a multi-media format, and his voice assisted computer read out the story of his life. The students were faced with the images of a young and vibrant man, whose life was dramatically changed by drug abuse.

Judging from the response of students to the presentation, Jade Bell had quite an impact on them. I believe that we should use every available tool to try to combat drug use in our student population, and this is another effective way to do that. I would recommend this presentation for all high school students.

Valerie McGillis
Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School, Ottawa
Hi Jade,

First I would like to thank you for your presentation last month to Royal Oak School in St Hubert. You have such a wonderful way with words, and a sense of humor – not to mention a smile to move mountains.

In our school, we often talk about choices. “Johnny, you made a poor choice when you slugged Mikey” and “Sandy you will need to choose a better way of talking to your teacher next time…” etc. This is our language at Royal Oak School. When you explained to our students that you CHOSE to take drugs, and therefore CHOSE the possible consequences, it hits home. We talked a lot with the kids the following day, and a few things came out which may interest you.
  1. They worried about sisters and brothers who are dopers already – most of our Grade 6 students have not yet tried drugs, and are about to be faced with high school and its’ many pathways. A few may have experimented already, but their talk was mostly about others.
  2. They wondered about your daily life, and your mission, and your beautiful way with words in your poetry
  3. One girl, after the above discussion on differences in abilities and lives, said “He’s a normal person – it’s just that he can’t see and talk and walk.”
  4. The staff who came along with us were very moved by your presentation, and we discussed you and your mission for several days. You may have more of an impact than you realize – you clearly send an anti-drug message, but you also tell us about courage and determination…you remind us that your choice to go on living, to go on teaching, and to go on making a difference in the world are more important than any limitations.

Thank you

Carol Swiston
Royal Oak Elementary, Saint Hubert, Quebec
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