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Jade has made many types of presentations available depending on the audience.

Elementary Schools:

Jade has a well established presentation guideline aimed towards prevention in the early formative years. He strongly believes in prevention at the elementary level and has geared his presentation towards students in the 9-11 year old age bracket.

Middle/Junior High Schools:

The presentations at this level are a balance between prevention and intervention. Many students are becoming aware at this age to the impacts of drugs and some are already experimenting. The presentation at this level is therefore a balance between prevention and intervention, giving students a strong warning about making good choices.

High Schools:

The presentations at this level are high-impact and geared towards mostly intervention methods. Many students at this level need the tell-tale truths of the world of drugs before it's too late. Jade's up-front, honest approach to his story and the real effects that drugs had on him and his family are very effective with having students relating to his story, and is often the wake up call that many need to hear at this age.

Community Presentations:

To intervene with youth's substance abuse, drug addiction or fatality, Jade strongly believes the entire family must be educated. Public presentations are an effective way to bring entire communities together to initiate conversations and solutions to the issues that are happening within the community. The presentation that Jade communicates to the adult/parent body contains his story but also the tell-tale signs of drug use by their children. He effectively passes on his knowledge to bring parents up to speed on what is happening around them so they can be more engaged in their children's activities. As Jade says... "Don't turn a blind eye, I don't!"

Currently, Jade is not presenting in this way.

Watch these testimonials of students after seeing Jade's high impact presentations.
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