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What are the Goals/Mission/Values of the organization?

Current GOALS: In alignment with the not for profit Foundation’s Principles and Mission, to build a music recording studio and mentorship program for youth in the Southern Gulf Islands, with operations on Salt Spring Island.

MISSION: To provide at-risk youth with the opportunity to record songs professionally as an outlet for their creativity and to facilitate drug prevention, intervention and rehabilitation.

VALUES: To promote creativity over substance abuse.

These are the services we are striving to provide:

The program will offer a mentorship in song writing and instrumental arrangement workshops with the founder and CEO, Jade Bell’s, continued efforts to promote creativity over the use of drugs. Jade’s history and story exemplify and inspire youth to make alternative choices over drug use. Youth find Jade unique and engaging, with his artistic and creative skill set, he shall co-facilitate the youth’s creative process from pre-production to production hands on. In addition, and in co-operation with the Executive Director, and Jade shall work with a variety of industry professionals, young and old, in establishing a hand’s on mentorship program for youth. The long term goals of this program is to create an online mentorship program, accessing musicians and youth across the country.

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